Investigations into integrity related matters

The mandate of the Racing Integrity Commissioner is not to achieve a personal remedy or restitution for a complainant, but to identify integrity related issues and take appropriate action(s). Upon receiving information or a complaint about an integrity related matter, the Commissioner may elect to:

  • refer the information provided (or part of the information) to another government agency better suited to investigate the matter
  • conduct his own investigation into the matter
  • take no further action

Due to operational constraints, it may not be possible for the Commissioner to provide progress reports to a complainant during the course of an investigation, as this action may jeopardise the effectiveness of the investigation.

When a matter has been investigated directly by the Commissioner, he will advise the outcome of his investigation to the person who made the complaint, and where appropriate, to the Minister for Racing or the relevant industry controlling body. The Commissioner may also advise a complainant of his decision to take no further action in relation to a complaint or information provided.

Disclosure of integrity related information to other bodies

Racing Act 1958(Vic) s 37E empowers the Commissioner to disclose integrity related information as he deems appropriate, to various racing and government bodies, both within Victoria and Interstate.

These include, but may not be limited to the following list of agencies

Page last updated 16 Mar 2021