Reporting an integrity related matter to the Commissioner

Should you wish to provide information or make a complaint regarding an integrity related matter involving the Victorian Racing Industry, please contact us.

You can request that your identity remain anonymous and not be shared outside of the Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner.

Remaining anonymous

Should you wish to remain anonymous to the Commissioner’s office, you may report an integrity related matter within the Victorian Racing Industry directly to the Racing Integrity Hotline. The Racing Integrity Hotline is attended by a team of independent investigators contracted by the Commissioner to receive information provided by the members of the public and the racing industry in the strictest of confidence.

The Racing Integrity Hotline is run by STOPline; an independent, confidential and impartial disclosure management service which allows individuals to report corrupt or improper conduct anonymously without the fear of reprisal.

Should you wish to remain anonymous when contacting the Racing Integrity Hotline, you will be issued with a confidential code and password for future reference. If requested, your identity will not be provided to the Commissioner or his office.

Racing integrity hotline

Phone: 1300 227 225
Fax: + 61 3 9882 4480  
Post: Racing Integrity c/o STOP line
PO Box 403, Diamond Creek, Vic 3089

Hotline interviewers are available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday.


For all other and general enquiries, please contact the Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner.

Phone: + 61 3 8684 7776
Post: Office of the Racing Integrity Commissioner
PO Box 24034, 111 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Vic 3001

The team

Sean Carroll - Racing Integrity Commissioner
Elissa Watson - Director Integrity Policy, Assurance and Legal 
Phil Ross - Manager Investigations
Howard Beer - Senior Investigator
Ryan Winchester - Senior Investigator 
Daniel Mills - Manager Information and Intelligence
Troy Murray - Integrity Officer

Page last updated 10 Jan 2024